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. >> an to calcutta, india. sex workers are barred from entering u.s. and holding alternative conference. we will take a look at the aids epidemic in black america and speak with congress member barbara lee of california. >> we need to make some noise. we need to put eradicating hiv and aids at the front burner of our political agenda, both here and abroad. >> all that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. syrian troops continue to bombard the city of aleppo in a bid to reclaim areas held by rebel forces. there have been reports of syrian helicopters backed by fighter jets firing from above, forcing hundreds of residents to flee. and allepo resident said syrian forces had fired indiscriminately, killing civilians. >> two brothers and their uncles were killed, another is between life and death. tend shells on a daily basis and this village has not had any sign of armed groups. we are targeted only because we call for freedom. >> speaking in washington, secretary state clinton said of killing of syrian president bashar al-assad is inev
executive arnie gundersen about the report and what it means for u.s. plants. then a look at serious operations in africa and how the united states rendered, tortured and discarded one innocent man from tanzania. and protests against the u.s. mining giant newmont are escalating in peru. five participants in those protests have been killed in the past week. a state of emergency has been declared. >> the government is mistaken if it thinks it is going to crash the justified cries of the people. >> we will speak with amy goodman in spain today, 75 years after the bombing of that city. all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm juan gonzalez. i am filling in for amy goodman. the u.s. and european union are calling for new sanctions on syria similar to those used against the gaddafi regime ahead of the nato attack on libya. at an international friends of syria gathering in paris, secretary of state clinton invoked the threat of chapter 7 under the u.n. charter, which ranges from economic embargos to military force. the news co
condition. it was the worst mass shooting in the u.s. since the killings of 32 people at virginia tech five years ago. we'll have more on the store after the headlines. syrian rebels continue to make gains on the regime of bashar al-assad, seizing a number of border crossings with neighboring iraq and turkey. opposition fighters overrun government forces at two major crossings, including one controlling the vital trade route on the damascus to baghdad highway. meanwhile, the syrian government says the country's intelligence chief, hisham ikhtiyar, has died from injuries sustained in wednesday's bombing of a high- level meeting in damascus, making him the fourth assad regime insider to die in the attack. and it's the violence, the united nations is warning 1 million syrians are now believed to be internally displaced, double the previous estimate. the fighting continues in syria one day after russia and china vetoed a security council resolution threatening new sanctions on the syrian regime. russia and china say they took action over demands for the inclusion of penalties under chapter seve
and materials. >> laura, thank you for joining us. >> great to be with you. >> we are trying to let folks know what happened at this big nuclear security summit that was just in seoul, korea. how do you assess what happened there? >> i thought it was a really great moment of coming together of 58 global leaders looking at the various issues of nuclear security. this was a concept invented by president obama in his speech in product in 2009. the first was held in the u.s. in 2010. two years later, we have gathered even more leaders together to focus on the seriousness of the risk of terrorism, the vulnerability of nuclear material are on the world, the international cooperation it will take to secure that material and prevent it from coming into that hands of terrorists. >> so it is material as well as existing weaponry? >> that is right. it covers both sets of concerns. >> and then you take -- what level of know how it is concerned, how you put things together. >> that is right. >> in the u.s., we are concerned nowadays more worth -- correct me if i'm wrong. a suitcase bomb? >> and improvised
>>> the road to kabul. pakistan agrees to reopen the supply routes to afghanistan. u.s. and pakistani leaders have come to agreement that will help nato soldiers to wrap up the mission in afghanistan. they agreed to reopen the routes to pakistan. the u.s. uses the roads to bring in goods and fuel. secretary of state hillary clinton discussed the details over the phone with the pakstani foreign minister. >> the foreign minister karr has advised her the ground lines of communication will be reopening. >> u.s. troops in afghanistan killed 24 pakistani soldiers in error last november in a cross-border air strike. pakistani blocked the supply routes. clinton offered an apology and expressed the condolences to the families of the dead soldiers. the islamic extremist group, the pakistani taliban criticized the agreement. members threat tuned attack u.s. convoys. nato leaders said the agreement demonstrates strengthened cooperation between their forces and pakistan. the signed treaties with other central asian countries to provide access into afghanistan, but those roadways pro
reportedly been used in areas to the city's south. the intensified clasasasasasasasasasasasas committee of the red cross to join the united nations in describing the conflict in syria as a civil war. the red cross had previously kept its assessment to a handful of flashpoint areas, but now says the violence is nationwide. the observer mission meanwhile has confirmed heavy weaponry was used last week in the village of tremseh, where pro-assad forces were accused of massacring more than 100 civilians. a unitu.n. spokesperson announced the observers' findings earlier today. >> our observers confirmed the use of direct and indirect weapons including artillery and mortar shells and small arms. counts of 27 eyewitnesses' we interviewed, the consistent accounts indicated the attacks were 5:00 in the morning by shelling and ground forces. >> the al-assad regime has denied carrying out a massacre in tremseh, claiming it killed anti-government rebels. the an arab league peace envoy kofi annan is headed to moscow for talks on a new security council response to the ongoing violence in syria. speaki
the vatican versus u.s. nuns. this really is about the future of how we interpret the message of the second vatican council. >>> and islamic art, in present and former arab lands. >>> major funding for "religion & ethics newsweekly" is provided by the lilly endowment, an indianapolis based private family foundation, dedicated to its founders and christian religion, community development and education. additional funding provided by mutual of america, designing customized, individual and group retirement product. that's why we're your retirement company. the estate of william j. carter. the jane henson foundation and corporation for public broadcasting. >>> welcome, i'm bob abernethy. it's good to have you with us. thousands of political leaders, doctors and activists gathered in washington this week for the biannual international aids conference, held for the first time in the u.s. in more than 20 years. at a georgetown university summit timed to the conference, religious groups highlighted the role of faith-based efforts in combating the disease internationally. mega church pastor rick war
the u.s. leaves. >> i think the execution of women particularly without due process even with due process it is a crime against humanity and the international community should act accordingly. >> president karzai has strong words but he needs to match the words with action. unless change comes from within afghanistan then we will continue to see more of this. >> is it possible, though? you know, change? i mean, one really hopeful development i saw recently is that the taliban lives and breathes by poppy breeding of poppy plants and turning them into heroin. and there's more they are switching to grow offing of spices which is more lucrative for the farmers. is there any other way to cut the funds to the taliban so that these creeps crawl back into the holes where they belong and die? >> i think the international community can and should put pressure on afghanistan to the extent that we can. but ultimately, there is cause for hope because after this event, over 100 men and women took to the streets of kabul, afghan men and women saying not in our country we demand justice and right
. anyone can sell guns to those who regularly use the arms to kill their own people. >> how many guns had he got on you? >> 43. >> how many bananas? only to that, because that is regulated. >> justin brand. we'll speak with amnesty usa executive director suzanne nossel. all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. at least 25 people have been killed and more than 50 wounded in a car bombing in the iraqi city of diwaania. crowdedack targeted a crowd o market. with sectarian attacks on the rise, at least 237 people were killed in iraq last month, making june 1 of the bloodiest since u.s. forces withdrew late last year. syrian president bashar al-assad has expressed regret for the downing of a turkish air jet that stoked tensions with neighboring turkey last month. speaking to a turkish newspaper, al-assad said he will not allow the incident to escalate into combat between the two countries. in other syria news, dozens of members of syria's opposition met in cairo on monday to formulate a new transition from al-assad's
. >>> welcome. i'm bob abernethy. it's good to have you with us. religious groups are among those expressing sorrow and outrage over the shooting massacre at a colorado movie theater on friday. president obama called for a day of prayer and reflection for the victims and their families. in other news, as the international community continued to wrestle over a response to the growing violence in syria, religious leaders intensified their calls for more humanitarian aid and an end to the crisis. a catholic archbishop inside syria urged world leaders to "speak with one voice" in order to bring about peace. meanwhile, the united nations says the number of syrian refugees has nearly tripled since april to more than 100,000. u.s. civil rights groups this week filed a federal lawsuit challenging an unmanned drone attack that killed three american citizens in yemen last october. extremist cleric an war al awlaki, his son and samir khan, a propagandist for al qaeda were all killed in the american drone strike. the u.s. says the mission was part of the war against terror. but the civil rights groups s
us. a conversation with erin brockovich coming up right now. >> every community has a martin luther king boulevard. it's the cornerstone we all know. it's not just a street or boulevard, but a place where walmart stands together with your community to make every day better. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: erin brockovich is a long time and our mental and clean water advocate who inspired the film featuring julia roberts. the film is playing in select cities. here is a scene from "last call at the oasis." >> every single state has e-mail me with some sort of problem. 25,000 inquiries in one month, to the point where i have started to create a map and what is staring us is we still have 700 more entries to input so we're able to start connecting the dots to get some kind of -- there is some money accounts -- so many accounts of contamination. >> you have a fish kill here. we have lost over 1 billion fish. there were buried on the beach with bulldozers. >> we would take a glass of water and it would smell like diesel fuel. my life is
tavis: good evening. from los angeles, i am tavis smiley. tonight, a conversation with former u.s. secretary of state colin powell. the decorated four-star general has a new book that focuses on the lessons he learned along the way about life and leadership. the new book is called "it worked for me." will talk about the american wars abroad, the crisis in syria, and the 2012 presidential race, of course. we are glad you could join us. the conversation colin powell, coming up right now. >> every community has a martin luther king boulevard. it's the cornerstone we allit's not just a street or boulevard, but a place where walmart stands together with your community to make every day better. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: it is an honor to welcome colin powell back to this program. the former secretary of state and decorated four-star general is a best-selling author, whose latest book is called "it worked for me." he joins us from washington. secretary colin powell, good to have you back. >> good to be here, tavis. tavis: and a s
kids like this alive. >> and a return to africa. former president bill clinton speaks to us exclusively on his campaign for that continent's victims of hiv/aids, and how new drug could change that struggle. >> the numbering is the best thing ever is staggering. it could reduce the likelihood of new infections by 75%. >> hello. there is the beginnings of another humanitarian catastrophe. one of the country's touched by the arab spring. for some 80 months, yemen has been wracked by political turmoil. now millions are going hungry and worse. according to the united nations, nearly half of the population, or 10 million people, have limited or no access to sufficient food. 47% of children under 5 years old are chronically malnourished. the worst affected areas are in the west of the country surrounding the capital sanaa. jeremy cooke has this exclusive report. >> the face of a crisis. ashmial is barely clinging to consciousness, barely clinging to life. a 1-year-old who weighs as much as a newborn baby. you do not need a scale to know that this child needs help now. like so many young victim
,000 inquiries in one month, to the point where i have started to create a map and what is staring us is we still have 700 more entries to input so we're able to start connecting the dots to get some kind of -- there is some money accounts -- so many accounts of contamination. >> you have a fish kill here. we have lost over 1 billion fish. there were buried on the beach with bulldozers. >> we would take a glass of water and it would smell like diesel fuel. my life is over without my water. >> six of our neighbors have had brain tumors and half of them ed. it was like, it is in the water. we have to get the kids out of here, we have to do something. >> i cannot just talk to you because it makes me think what is going on in arizona and alabama and washington and texas, because it is happening everywhere. tavis: we obviously did not plan this, i did not buy you have worked on the set days ago. you were at one of the superfund sites in this extreme heat. i was in north carolina with 105 degree temperatures every day. the conversation with this heat wave could be more -- could not be more auspicious.
of the least corrupt countries in terms of democracy. for us, democracy is part of our culture. when we do the things that a democratic state is expected of, it is because it was easy for us because it was already part of our culture. >> part of the culture? i am reading about botswana and i read stability, and as you mentioned, the least corrupt country in africa. this is part of a culture, huh? >> yes, it is. we have a system which is like an open court. there are disputes that we can settle there. there is a plaintiff and a defendant. everyone and anyone is allowed to sit there. men and women. the chief presides over the gathering and this would be a case between the plaintiff and defendant. everyone is allowed to comment. is it for the plaintiff or for the defendant? no one will be told that their point is not important. that is real tolerance. then, now, we also use this as we continue to use it traditionally for disputes. >> so, anyone could bring a case? >> anyone and everyone can bring a case. your average village has no less than 10 or 12. now, the minister also used that system f
by wealthy u.s. donors in jerusalem, romney spoke of a "dramatically stark difference in economic vitality" between israel and the occupied territories. he concluded -- romney added similar economic differences are present in other neighboring countries such as the u.s. and mexico. in his comments, romney also grossly understated income gap between israelis and palestinians living under occupation. palestinians have denounced bronner's remarks and others say romney had been racist. >> [unintelligible] >> in his remarks, romney lavished praise on israel's socialist medical system, applauding and for its lower rate of gdp spending than in the united states. romney was in israel as part of a three-nation foreign tour that has brought him to poland. democrats appear poised to adopt same-sex marriage as part of their convention platform, becoming the first major party to do so. the democratic party drafting committee reportedly voted unanimously over the weekend to approve language endorsing same- sex marriage. it now faces a vote before the entire platform committee in two weeks. another vote
.org, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. a record-setting heat wave in the eastern u.s. is starting to ease after two weeks of scorching temperatures. the heat wave has been blamed for causing at least 74 deaths from the midwest to the east coast, including 18 people around chicago and 13 people in maryland. all-time highs hit major cities including philadelphia, washington, said louis, indianapolis, and louisville, with more than 4500 heat records broken overall. dry conditions and a lack of rain are also devastating corn crops across the plains, which faces its worst drought in 25 years. although eastern states will see a respite, western states are facing a potential heat wave that could bring record highs later this week. to see our coverage of the latest u.s. heat wave and global warming, go to president obama is expected to resume a long-running dispute with republicans to the of the bush era tax cuts that favor the wealthy and plunge the nation as a further deficit. in a rose garden address, obama will renew his call to limit the tax cuts extension to those
. >> knowing that your positive, they're going to shame you, discriminate against u.s. and so forth, so people shy away. >> all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. samangan of forces are continuing their bombardment of the city of aleppo ahead of a widely expected all-out assault to uproot rebel fighters. hundreds of troops are said to have massed on the city's outskirts as syrian gunships pound several neighborhoods. rebel forces have launched attacks on army checkpoints around the city. a number of people were reported dead in clashes on thursday, the exact amount is impossible to verify. in washington, state department spokesperson victoria nuland said the u.s. fears a new massacre in aleppo will occur. >> the concern is we will see a massacre in aleppo, and that is what the regime appears to be lining up for. aleppo, as you said, has been bombarded by syrian fighter jets. it is the latest desperate effort of the al-assad regime to hold on to control. there are credible reports of tanks prepared to attack the cit
to the violence in syria with visits on tuesday to iran and iraq. speaking in tehran, kofi annan rejected the u.s. position that iran should be kept out of the talks. >> the essence of the six-point plan, stopping the violence, releasing detainees, allowing humanitarian access, should be seen as a package -- a package, if implemented, would help create the environment and conducive climate for political talks between syrians to determine their own political future. i believe, you heard me say on many occasions, that iran has a role to play in my presence here explains i believe in that. i don't speak for other countries. >> syrian opposition groups continue to oppose talks with al-assad that would preserve his regime. a spokesperson for the syrian national council said negotiations should only focus on al-assad's departure. >> this approval regime, which kills day and night, this regime is over and the al-assad family will be erased from syrian history. they should find a safe refuge for themselves. we, the national council, will only negotiate with the regime on one thing -- how al-assad will le
times the size of manhattan crack apart in august of 2010. the worst u.s. drought in more than half a century has sent food prices skyrocketing as millions of acres of midwest crops indoors scorching temperatures. soybean prices reached a record high wednesday, and corn prices approach the record as many farmers were forced to plow what desiccated corn fields. more than 60 percent of the continental u.s. is in a state of drought with about 1300 counties across dozens of states officially declared natural disaster areas. meat and dairy prices are also expected to rise and the drought could continue to impact food prices into next year. on wednesday, the obama administration called on congress to restore expired disaster programs to help respond. the agricultural secretary call the drought "the most serious situation and about a quarter century" and said he is pressing for rain. for our coverage of extreme weather and its ties to climate change, go to our special page on our website at the banking giant capital one has agreed to pay a fine of $210 million for deceivi
's good to have you with us. several major decisions from the supreme court this week. five of the nine justices voted to uphold president obama's healthcare law, saying the law's individual mandate is legal. religious groups were divided over the legislation. some had called healthcare reform a "mol imperative" while others worried the law would allow federally funded abortions. faith communities had also lobbied hard around arizona's immigration law. on monday, the court struck down three parts of that legislation. but, it left in place the requirement that local police check the immigration status of people they believe could be in the country illegally. in another case, the justices ruled against mandatory sentences of life without parole for juveniles convicted of murder. they said courts should have discretion about imposing that punishment. for more on the religious reaction to these decisions, patricia zapor of catholic news service is here and so is kim lawton managing editor of this program. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> pat, the health care decision, what do you hear?
used 17 years old say that marijuana, cocaine and alcohol are common at house parties where parents are present. is substance abuse the new national pastime? we'll ask joe call fon oh, director of the national center on addiction and substance abuse. kaf >>> welcome secretary califano. >> nice to be with you. >> pleasure to have you with us. mel gibson was arrested in malibu, california not long ago and i'd like to know from you from your knowledge of the case, whether or not mel gibson was exhibiting signs, clear signs that he's an alcoholic. >> i think -- he was certainly exhibiting clear signs that he's an alcohol abuser. that he gets drunk and loses any inhibitions and lets the demons out. whether or not he is a full-blown alcoholic in the sense that he drinks so much so often that he can't function in his creative life, he can't function with his family, he can't function in day-to-day, or and that he drinks even though he knows it's badly hurting him in a whole variety of ways. i don't know the answer to that. only the people who are treating him know that. exactly arnks abuse
members, including russia, to join us in a serious resolution that gives special envoy kofi annan what he needs. >> more than 100 people were killed on thursday when a gasoline tanker crashed and exploded in nigeria's niger delta. many of the victims lost their lives as they try to scoop up the tanker's oil as a leak on the ground. an exhaustive independent probe has concluded top officials at penn state university -- including legendary football coach joe paterno -- covered up sexual molestation allegations against an assistant coach 14 years before they finally came to light. the seven-month investigation reveals paterno, school president graham spanier, and other school officials were aware former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky was accused of child molestation as early as 1998, or were only concerned with protecting the school's image. the report concludes that a "culture of reverence for the football program" at the school led to a cover-up that "failed to protect against a child sexual predator harming children for over a decade." sandusky was finally arrested las
that we used was about $1.2 million. >> rebel commanders are holding a crisis meeting, desperate to find ways of getting more cash and weapons. they have had little luck from the main opposition group aimed at the syrian national council, funded partly by saudi arabia and qatar, countries committed to arming the rebels. i have been told by one senior syrian national council figure that there was a pause in arms shipments a few weeks ago because mistakes had been made. weapons were passing to people who were not real revolutionaries. they were, he said, dealers who the fear that weapons might fall into the wrong hands, including terrorist hands, is one reason why cia agents are now known to be operating in the area, trying to vet arms recipients, collaborating the turkish military whose role in the struggle is much more active than is officially admitted. down the road, a turkish military watchtower. one syrian rebel commander told me he had received guns distributive from a turkish army truck parked nearby, right by the border fence. a local mp from turkey's main opposition party has hea
. >> at union bank, our relationship managers use their -- work hard to know your business, offering specialized business and capital. we offer expertise and tailored solutions for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies. thats why were supplying cleaner-burning natural gas to generate electricity. and its also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol, a biofuel made from renewable sugar cane. >> a minute, mom! >> lets broaden the worlds energy mix. lets go. >> and now, bbc world news. >> 200 feared demead syria in what could be one of the bloodiest episodes. a massacre in hamah province. again the government says it's rebels. >> when -- stands ready to go in and seek verification of facts. if and when there is a credible cease-fire. >> hello and welcome to gmt with me. also coming up in this program, at least 19 killed in south africa after a train hit a truck carrying farm workers at a rail way crossing. we have the latest. and here in the u.k., unauthorized aircraft could be subject t
bank, our relationship managers use their expertise in global finance to guide you through the business strategies and opportunities of international commerce. we put our extended global network to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies. that's why we're supplying cleaner burning natural gas to generate electricity. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol, a biofuel made from renewable sugar cane. >> a minute, mom! >> let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go. >> and now, bbc world news. >> the banking giant, hsbc made loans to launder billions of dollars. the bank became a gateway for drug money says -- because u.s. regulators failed to act. hello. i am at george with the world of news and opinion. also in the program, the latest clashes in the capital market a turning point. it could make the job a lot harder. the local political athletes from around the world get to know their new friends and neighbors. it is midday
us one description of the birth of jesus. do archaeology and history give us another? joining us to answer these questions areu.s. open, the aute brand new "jesus of nazareth cunning of the and jeffrey sheler author of the brand new "is the bible truth?" >>> tell us what you think happened at bethlehem, jeffrey she'ller. >> well when we read two gospels, only two of the four gospels even talk about the birth of jesus and when we read matthew and luke, those two gospels, we are certainly presented with different details surrounding the story of the birth but despite the differences there are several things that clearly come through and those are the important aspects of the story. one, that jesus was born in bethlehem. to a virgin named mary. whose husband, joseph, was of the lineage of david. and this according to the writers of those two gospels was in fulfillment of the hebrew prophesies. so despite very clear and seemingly troubling contradictions in some of the details the more important thing is, i think, the points on which they disagree. >> on the physical -- on the physic
>>> new threat. syrian officials say the country's troops could use chemical and biological weapons to respond to foreign aggression. government officials in syria are raising the stakes in the 16-month-long conflict that's divided their country and put other nations on alert. representatives of president bashar al-assad's administration admitted for the first time their military has chemical and biological weapons and they went further saying the armed forces could use the deadly arsenal if foreign troops intervene in the conflict. foreign ministry spokesperson responded to speculation by antigovernment fighters and other countries. the syrian military could resort to using weapons of mass destruction. he says his country's chemical and biological weapons are safely stored away and under the supervision of armed forces. >> these weapons are meant to be used only and strictly in the event of aggression against the syrian republic. >> makdissi stressed the military would never use the weapons against civilians or the syrian people under any circumstances. syria has not ratified the c
turned us into a zombie nation? or should we just go with the flow and embrace the brave new world of mood control? we'll ask new york magazine journalist ariel levy and washington psychiatrist dr. brian doyle. >> a.d.m. the nature of what's to come. >> welcome. ariel levy, you authored a cover story for "new york magazine" which we see here "what are you on?" and you described new york today to -- you say sound the alarm, there is a new drug epidemic in town and most of the city wants in on it. in certain circles of new york, it is regular table conversation. we have entered the golden age of self-medication. drugs have become like hair products or cosmetics. this is brain styling, not mind altering, and you have a serious point to make there, but what is the extent of what you see going on in new york? >> well, i mean, i think new york is the same town that brought you woody allen and brought you everybody having a psychiatrist. there not a great deal of stigma to being neurotic in new york. it is accepted to the point of maybe being desirable in certain circles. i think now that
monetary easing. the u.s. filed a complaint about china with the world trade organization on thursday. the u.s. is claiming that china has imposed anti-dumping duties on american car imports. the chinese trariffs are on auts and affect 92,000 cars and sport utility vehicle a year. $3 billion worth of u.s. exports to china. china has been iing tariffs and says the auto undindustry i subs didz subsidized. they have 60 days to resolve the dispute. after that the u.s. can ask a wto panel to deal with the matter. the trade complaint came as president barack obama hit the campaign trail in ohio. analysts say the obama administration is backing the car industry. ahead of the november presidential election. >> just this morning my administration took a new action to hold china accountable for unfair trade practices that harm american automakers. americans and america workers build better products than anybody else, so as long as we're competing on a fair playing field, instead of an unfair playing field we'll do just fine. >> meanwhile, apple is being sued again by chinese firms over patent a
greenwald on how the law is used to destroy equality and protect the powerful. we will talk about the obama administration's failure to prosecute wall to executives, the future of wikileaks, and the growing surveillance state. but first, amy goodman goes to spend more protesters are celebrating a major victory after the country's high court opened a criminal investigation into the former head of spain's biggest mortgage lender. a former imf chief rodrigo rato. we speak with organizers of the historic may 15 movement, the indignados. >> maybe, eventually, maybe one of these guys will pay. we have this impression that no one -- they do what they won. they still, like, nothing happens. today, maybe, something will happen. i'm very happy. >> all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm juan gonzalez filling in for amy goodman. nato supply convoys have resumed in pakistan after the u.s. finally apologized for a deadly attack that occurred last year. pakistan had barred the nato trucks that carry supplies for the afghan war after u.s. f
would draw a veto. the u.s. has broken a yet theher heat wavrecord, with first six months of 2012 now officially the hottest first six months of a recorded in a calendar year. in the last two weeks of june alone, more than 170 all-time heat records read their broken or tied. blistering heat and drought have fueled record wildfires, damaged the nation's corn crop, and killed scores of people. the fires have consumed 1.3 million acres, the second- biggest area to burn during any june on record. while the plants are facing the worst drought in a quarter century, drenching rains in florida made last month the wettest june on record there. as the midwest and east the respite from the heat, storms are predicted across swaths of the country. , experts have described the recent spate of extreme weather as a preview of the planets long-term future of global warming. you in arabic kofi annan says his reached an understanding with president bashar al-assad to stop the violence raging in syria. >> we discussed the need to in the violence and ways and means of doing so. we agreed in approach which
to fight for it, so to us, that was a recipe for disaster, and something which could cause major trouble in syria and beyond. that is buy what i have been saying let's stop this policy of sort of frontal attack on the government and let's try to put it together and one missing link in this whole setup so far, including kofi annan's effort is the opposition, numerous pleas to them and numerous conversations with them in various formats, very few have dialogue with the government. >> rose: we conclude this evening with kurt andersen, the novelist and author of true believers. >> i have never read a book about the late sixties that did two things i wanted to do, one, show how the early -- how the lives in the early sixties became lives in the late sixties, how adolescents who went from 12 to 18 in exactly that decade, how that worked, and then i was also interested in looking back at it from the future, so it skips back and forth from the present to the past, to have some, a long view of what was that all about. >> rose: vitaly churkin and kurt andersen when we continue. >> funding for char
destroyed 22 trucks carrying supplies for the u.s.- led nato occupation. the fuel trucks and supply vehicles were parked in northern samangan province when the magnetic bomb blew them apart. truck russians recently resumed from pakistan after the u.s. apologized for airstrike that killed 24 pakistani soldiers last year. a top executive at the banking giant hsbc has resigned in the wake of a report linking the firm to money laundering for mexican drug cartels. a senate probe also found loose protections at hsbc's u.s. unit provided a gateway for terrorists to gain access to u.s. dollars in the u.s. financial system. on tuesday, the david bagley, the head of compliance at hsbc, announced his resignation and apologized in testimony before a senate hearing. >> i recognize there have been some significant areas of failure. i have said before and will say again, despite the best efforts and intentions of many dedicated professionals, hsbc has fallen short of our own expectations and the expectations of our regulators. this is something that abatement seeking to conduct business in u.s. and globall
in fukushima have been using water to keep the damaged reactors cool, but it created another problem. they have a massive amount of radioactive water to clean up. engineers believe they found a solution. right now, workers at fukushima daiichi used a decontamination tool that only removes cesium. the device unveiled tuesdayan remove cesium and other materials as well. the toxic water goes into a stainless steel tank containing a resin that absorbs radioactive materials. operators at fukushima daiichi hope to test the device in september. they have not decided what they will do with the water so it will be stored on-site. >>> thousands of people in japan are on the frontlines against the fight of the invisible enemy. they are cleaning up the radiation leak and it is still leaking. some worked at the damaged nuclear plant and others worked in the towns surrounding it. they all rely on one key piece of equipment and the people who shrugged off health fears. we have junio motosori with the story. >> reporter: hundreds are working on the clean up. radiation could be anywhere. so they are required to
for football, rugby, hockey, tennis, and even zumba will go on later. let us get a chat with hugh thomas. what a day for you. >> cardiff is really ready for the olympics. >> not all of the tickets have been sold. we hear about 38,000-40,000, so the millennium stadium will not be full by any means. will that be disappointing? >> we are expecting a lot of people to decide on the day. they are encouraged by the weather and the kind of atmosphere and we expect more people will turn up. but it is a great number turning out to see the opening game of the olympics. >> people are actually queuing up to buy tickets. a lot going on here in cardiff at the moment. these guys behind us, it is their job to encourage grassroots sports day in and out, but it is a very important day today. >> the legacy is a key to the olympics. we are keen to make sure that we had a legacy going forward to encourage kids to participate in sports in a young -- at a young age. we have gotten the athletes going out to schools and talking to kids about their experiences. >> counselor thomas, thank you very much. the kickoff of th
. thank you so much for sitting with us. >> thank you for having me. >> what brought you to the attention of the government over there in yemen? >> i would like to say they did not really pay attention to me as an activist and a woman because they did not pay attention to women in a country, and that as a privilege because we can do our own activism and spoke -- focus more on our work. but when they contacted me, they said that this is what we need to do. they were watching what hosni mubarak was doing in egypt and were thinking what we -- what needed to be done. but they've were not honest with that. they just wanted to observe the anger. so, that did not work. i would answer your questions setting it is social media. i was working as a journalist g. i have been working as a journalist for six years and i never heard a comment from them, but once i started using social media as a journalist and i started to share the information i had and the documents i had, that is how they paid attention. >> what were you posting? what were you saying on your reporting on the internet? >> i was postin
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